Friday, 27 May 2011

Happy Birthday, Honey!

Today is my darling husband's birthday. I got him one of the dual screen digital cameras as a surprise, which he loved when he unwrapped it early this morning :)
We're having a surprise party for him on Sunday, and my aunt and uncle have got him an angle grinder (yes, it's what he wanted!!) which he's going to be so happy about!

The weather is absolute pants again today!! The boys have colds so we're all snuggled up watching CBeebies :) Berat's upstairs sleeping as he was working last night, he said we'll go to Harvester when he wakes up, yay! I have just been so exhausted lately, I think I'm going to have to start taking a multivitamin or something, I mean looking after two children under 2 and a half as well as breastfeeding - quite tiring!
Wouldn't change it for the world though :)

I am LOVING my breastfeeding training, and DEFINITELY looking to pursue it as a career. I think you have to have a certain degree of enthusiasm in the subject, and my course tutor and the other main women I have met all think I have it. I definitely am passionate about more breastfeeding mums!! Since I have started the course, I've learned so much and sharing that knowledge with others has been very rewarding for me. Can't wait to actually go out and start putting it into practise!

Over at the other blog, quite a few of my friends are deciding to take a break. The site has changed so much from what it used to be. It's a shame, but if I need to write, I come here now.
And speaking to some friends, I now have a clearer idea of why the other friend cut me out of her life, and to be honest, I think she did the right thing. She would never have been able to stay impartial and it would always have been awkward. She has an unhealthy way of thinking about things sometimes and was quite negative - I am consciously trying to surround myself with positive people, so like I said, I think she did the right thing.

Losing some friends was hard, but I have gained some AWESOME friends over the past year. As well as Emmy, Catriona and Kate, who've been my lovely friends and confidantes for a long time now, I have got closer with Christie and Jess of late, and I am so grateful for their friendship.

I just like to look for the positives. :) I should go now, and play with Onur :)


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