Friday, 20 May 2011

Dark Hair

Have just dyed my hair dark brown - it's still wet but seems to look very nice, and for some reason I feel sexier!

I had every intention of coming up to bed with the laptop and writing an article on breastfeeding, but instead I've been chatting with the girls from my netmums group and we've organised a mums night out for the 5th of June, so not a totally wasted evening :)

And anyway, here I am writing and writing something is better than writing nothing at all :) Although I would rather be reading Gone With The Wind!

Had a really good chat with Christie last night, I think I know why Laura cut me out now, not that she in any way betrayed her confidence. Christie is such an amazingly strong woman and a fabulous friend. I wish she lived nearer.
I have been so disillusioned and disappointed by a lot of my friends since moving back to England, but never Christie. I was saying to Berat how before moving back here I thought all my REAL friends were here, when really all along they were the ones in Cyprus. Of course there are exceptions to this rule! But on the whole, I think it's fair to say that.

Right, it's 11pm now. I really am going to go and read Gone With The Wind for a while before sleeeeeep.


emmylou1602 said...

Your new hair is very shexual!

Cem said...

Why thank you :) Me likey long time LOL :) xx

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