Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Early Bird

It's half seven and I'm up before the boys, so I thought I'd come and write a little. I must get back into the habit of writing, especially here!

So the other day I signed up Onur for nursery school, which he'll start when he's three, in January! Very exciting! They also had their immunisations, and I had my birth control injection (extremely important, haha!) and basically I've just been running around so much lately! Breastfeeding training is brilliant, so interesting, I'm really enjoying it and have made some lovely friends, both from my fellow course-mates and from my future colleagues. For the first time since working at Property NC, I've seen something I would like to do as a career that isn't writing or editing.

Kaya has three teeth now, two bottom and one top right, and is commando crawling already, so active! It's so lovely watching him and Onur together. And Onur, wow, growing up so fast. He's memorised a couple of his books, and it almost brings a tear to my eye watching him 'read' them, complete with actions, such a clever, loving boy.

We went to Chessington on Saturday, had a really great time. Didn't even get to see and do everything we wanted to! Onur loved the rides and the animals, especially the meerkats, which Berat won a huge stuffed one of! It was a great day. We should have another great day on Sunday, as we're going down to Portsmouth for a BBQ with Jess and her soon-to-be-husband James and of course Gorgeous George, but hopefully Kate will be joining us too!
Very much looking forward to that, let's hope it's BBQ weather.

Speaking of BBQs, I am thinking of planning a surprise one for Berat's birthday the week after next - just thinking right now, LOL!

Right, I'd better start waking everyone up, it's 5 to 8 and Berat's got college and I'm taking the boys to Yummy Mummy (our local breastfeeding support group) today!


Christie Knox said...

I'm really jealous - I want to come but alas, live too far away!

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