Tuesday, 10 May 2011


I really am having an exceptionally busy day today, I will absolutely come and write later, I just wanted to put a few words down here as I haven't written anywhere in ages - I say anywhere, I suppose I am referring to my other online blog, where lately...I just hate the place. Everything about it feels wrong, I think I had a grand total of four comments on my last entry - not that I do it for the notes, obviously, I write here and nobody comments because nobody reads and that is fine! But I KNOW people there read, because they are my friends in real life and if they haven't read, then why not? And if they have read, they why haven't they noted? I suppose I have been feeling really weird and unwanted in regards to that site anyway, since Laura deleted me from her life.
Anyhow. I will come back and write about my day later - not least that Kaya is now extremely mobile and commando crawling all over the place :)


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