Saturday, 9 June 2012

Rude Awakening

It has been a bloody crappy day and it's only 9am. I awoke to find Kaya leaking wee out of his nappy all over me and my bed. Then Onur woke up and joined in the fun by telling me he'd wet the bed. By the time I'd cleaned everything up, Kaya had got up on the kitchen table and thrown the salt shaker on the floor, smashing it and sending salt everywhere. It would be fair to say I haven't had a good morning!!

I have no idea where this wetting the bed is coming from again. I think I'm going to take him to the doctor on Monday just to check it's nothing medical. Berat's family have a history of bedwetting, so if it's just something like that I'll know just to put pull ups on him at night and protect the mattress, but I have to rule out medical stuff first. A few people have said to get him tested for diabetes, just in case. I'm telling you, being a parent gives you sleepless nights, whether your children are sleeping or not. And currently, Kaya is not. Because of the stupid weather being so bright (I'm not saying it's summer, because this is clearly some kind of alternative autumn we're having) he's going to bed later and later, most nights around 10pm. He just point blank refuses, screams if I try to leave him in his bed, throws things around... This leaves me no time to unwind and I think I'm going slightly mad as I was catching up on the jubilee concert last night and Lenny Henry said "Stevie Wonder" and I welled up. I watched Stevie's set alternating dancing with floods of tears, and sobbed my way through the rest of the concert!
I will say that I do think it was quite a good concert on the whole, with a few exceptions, and I don't care how sad it makes me, it made me proud to be British. I know a lot of people are against the royal family, but I'm certainly not one of them, in fact I'm very fond of them!

Apart from that things are really rather good, hubby and I are great as usual, he used his birthday money to buy a laptop yesterday so he's excited about that bless him.
Just feel really stressed and tired today because of the morning events and they've already managed to wreck the place in the short space of time I've been writing, and just once every now and then it would be so nice if someone said "Hey, I'll take the kids and you sort out the house, or just have a bit of time to yourself". Seriously, when I have daughters in law I will always be there to help them because I know what it's like. And then you get the people who say "Well I had three and my house was always spotless" - well done you! I prefer to spend time interacting with the kids, and tidy up when (if??) they go to sleep. I think my kids are a testament to this as Kaya is already forming sentences at the age of 19 months and Onur's teachers think he is already as clever as a year 1 child!

So yes, my house may not be spotless, but my children are going to be rocket scientists who will be rich and hire their old mum a maid :)

Oh, just one more thing. I had a really productive couple of days with the breastfeeding team. I really, really love volunteering. Helping just one mum to get the hang of breastfeeding means I've helped a baby get off to the best start in life, and really, how cool is that??
The head of department said again how pleased she was with me and said that she'd gladly take on board my ideas for the Yummy Mummy support group, in fact she was even happy for me to lead the group!

Anyway, I really must go now, unfortunately Kaya needs another nappy change, I still haven't had breakfast and I promised Onur we'd practice drawing letters!


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