Thursday, 17 May 2012

Deep Heat

My husband tried to kill me the other day. It's true! I've had this pain near my shoulder blade which is like a pulled muscle or trapped nerve, so I got asked him to put some of that Deep Heat muscle rub on it. This was a big mistake. :)
He put LOADS on, all over my back, but at first I didn't feel it, I just lay there and thought, ooh, that's a nice warm feeling. Soon, the nice warm feeling turned into holy fire on my back and my heartbeat started playing like a drum in my ears. I felt sick and sat up. I asked him how much he'd put on and he said he'd covered my back! All of a sudden I came up in a rash down both arms so we quickly rushed to the shower and scrubbed it all off. Once I'd got out and dry it was a bit better, although of course because I'd been so hot, dropping to a normal temperature seemed freezing to me and I had to have three blankets!

All better now though!

In other news, I've just been extremely busy helping to plan for the local NCT Nearly New Sale on Saturday, and as I've been in charge of the raffle I've been busy trying to get prizes! Wonder if there will be any bargains to grab on Saturday? Someone said they got a Trunki for a fiver - I'd love one (well two really!) of those for the boys.

Onur's at school, Kaya is being amused by Mr Tumble and I've just been catching up with emails etc. The most exciting thing that's happening is that my friends Nicole and Brendan are visiting this weekend!! I cannot wait. I wish they could bring their Dungeons and Dragons with them and finally teach me :)

OK, Kaya's naptime so I have to go!


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