Friday, 9 March 2012

One Of Those Days...

Where do I start? The bowl of the food processor we bought two weeks ago fell off the counter and cracked, the door of the tumble dryer fell off, the kids were insane and the house was a wreck. I've managed to bump my toe into the wall not once, but twice and have now developed an attractive limp and Kaya babbled on and on and on ("Baba. Apple. Broom broom. Broom broom broom broom apple baba etc etc!") for 45 minutes before going to sleep.

At least now they're both in bed, Berat's coming home early tonight and there are tea and biscuits!

The week didn't start wonderfully to be honest, as I found out on Tuesday that despite being shortlisted and called to do a numeracy/literacy test and a presentation to the panel for the NHS job, I didn't get called for an interview. Although I did feel better about this on Wednesday when I went into the office and everyone was really nice about it and said that the process had changed a lot since changing NHS trusts and not to take anything personally.

We went over to Sev and Arif's last night, our friends from Cyprus who moved here a few months before us, and we had a really nice night, as always. Her son is 4, so he gets on really well with the boys, and they play nicely most of the time! We took the opportunity to sit down and play a game of Okey (Rummy) for the first time in ages, it was a lot of fun.

Berat's new obsession is beating me at Monopoly, and I am an extremely bad loser. I blame my family for always letting me win when I was growing up!

And that's basically it for this week. I've been going to a really good group at the Surestart centre on a Monday, called Little Acorns. The boys love it and it's good for them to play with other children. They also have a woman come in and do talks and answer questions, this week it was tantrums which, at the moment, I am lucky enough not to have too many problems with! But the talks are really helpful. They also give the kids healthy snacks like fruit and cheese, and being a Surestart centre it's all free!

Right, off to find something to watch on TV, and perhaps hop to the kitchen to find some painkillers...


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