Friday, 9 March 2012

Back In The Habit

It's so hard when you've not been writing for a while. Some of you know I had a blog somewhere else on the web for almost 10 years. I met some of my best friends there, and I have some wonderful memories of that site, but the sad thing is, it's changed. A lot of the people have changed. I mean, yes, people change, but I suppose where some have moved on in their careers, some have moved on and started families, perhaps our common ground shifted? Who knows. All I know is that when I read the blog posts on that site, I find myself rolling my eyes sometimes; something I would never have done before. Even when I post, I don't feel the same reaction from people I once did. A large part of me thinks that the problem is that I ended a friendship almost two years ago now, and we unfortunately had a lot of mutual friends. A lot of them got caught in the crossfire. Although I am sad that I lost some friendships, I am glad that it sorted the real friends from the fake ones, if you see what I mean. It also made me more wary of people to be honest, and I suppose in a way I lost some respect for some people, who would say one thing but their actions would never reflect what they had said, and you had to wonder whether it had just been said for your benefit, to make you feel better!

Anyhow. I suppose I needed to get that off my chest in order to start afresh here, which I hope to do! I also want to update my cookery blog, which is like, two years old now as I'm pretty sure I started it when I was pregnant with Kaya!!


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