Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Busy and Sleepless

Well it's been a busy few days, but that's the way I like it! On Thursday night, I caught up with a couple of my school friends, Anna and Mel, who I haven't seen for 15 years! It was fantastic fun, like we'd just been apart for the weekend rather than half our lives! We just picked up where we left off, there was no awkwardness and I definitely learned a lot about what has been going on in the years between - perhaps a little too much! Ha ha!
But I had great fun, and I can't wait to do it again soon.

Apart from that, just been busy with the boys, as always. Cant'e remember if I've mentioned it before but a couple of friends of mine started a new group at our local Surestart centre called Little Acorns, for children 0-5 and their parents. Anyway, they've not only got a great woman in to talk to us about potty training, tantrums etc, but also once a month, the Surestart centre gets creche workers in who look after the kiddywinks while the mums go into a different room for tea, biscuits and what we call a 'parents forum'. It's basically just to share our worries, get advice and be an adult for an hour or so, whilst knowing the kids are safe and learning and having fun. This week we were talking about sibling rivalry, something which I've been lucky enough to only have a mild case of with the boys, as I think Onur doesn't really remember a time when Kaya wasn't here! Of course they do the usual sibling fighting, but I think because Kaya is almost 18 months now and reciprocates, Onur won't usually start. Indeed, it's Kaya instigating it most of the time, terror that he is!
Anyhow, the boys had so much fun this week with the creche workers, painting and playing with water outside because it was a lovely day, and it really was nice to just have a tiny break from them and be me for a while instead of being mummy :) They're also trying to organise some trips for the kids, fire station, farm etc. which will be brilliant if it happens!

Kaya's been a bit poorly this week though, took him to the doctors this morning and they gave him ventolin and a baby inhaler thing, to help open up his airways. He also prescribed amoxicilliin despite telling me there was no infection present! So I haven't given it to him, because what is the point! At least the inhaler SEEMS to be working - they went to bed at 7 and it's now half past 8 and he's still sound asleep...fingers crossed! Onur had the same thing when he was a similar age, actually a bit older as we were in this house so that means Kaya was born so Onur was at least 21 months. In fact I think he was about 2. But anyway. The inhaler helped him too and after that he slept right through so fingers crossed I have the same result this time!

Again, I can't remember whether I already wrote about this, but I didn't get the NHS job. To say I was gutted is an understatement as you guys know I put my heart and soul into the volunteering, and I just felt like the timing was right too, what with Onur starting school next month. But no, not meant to be, and the weirdest thing was that the reason given was that I'd failed the literacy and numeracy test. Yes, I was shocked too! OK my maths isn't wonderful, but it was pretty straightforward really, so I'm shocked at myself. I KNOW it wasn't the literacy because, hello, this is ME, Mrs Pedantic Spelling and Grammar Police :) But apparently the pass/fail margins are ridiculously tight so...
It got me and hubby talking about other jobs, and after seeing something advertised at the school Onur is going to (albeit three days too late - *facepalm*) for a school receptionist, I had a lightbulb moment and thought about how working in a school, either as a teaching assistant or in an admin position, would be really  good because I could work it around the boys really easily and be home when they are more or less. So I've started looking into that.

Wow, I have written much more than I expected to! Now I need to save this and go and do a quick tidy up, as my aunt is coming tomorrow morning to look after the boys so I can go to ongoing training and as Onur says to me, she "doesn't like mess!"


Christie Knox said...

thats exactly why I want to work in a school as well!

Cem said...

I know, I can't believe I didn't consider it after reading your entries and seeing how much sense it made! :)

Random Tangents said...

Go for it, Cem.

Mseren93 said...

You'd be an awesome TA and if you move to Wales you can be mine!!! x

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