Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Wooden Spoon Update!

Well then! Yet again it's been a little while between blogs, one of the reasons I suppose I'm not expecting to be a successful applicant for the Butlin's Ambassador thing! Unless they also take into account how prolific I am in other areas of social media, and how I am always talking about how much we love Butlins anyway :)

But I digress! There are exciting times ahead! I will be teaching a 4 week cooking course for kids from September in our local children's centre!
My friend Tanya pushed me into asking the centre manager about running a course, I had been putting it off after some 'friends' expressed certain unfounded concerns. It knocked my confidence a bit to think, oh my, if people who I think are my friends think I can't do it, then what must everyone else think?

But then I have friends like Tanya, who have every faith in me, give me confidence and the push I need to get things started. I am very lucky! I also have friends like Laura, who picked me up, took me to the dentist this morning, looked after the boys while I was there and then came and picked me up and dropped me home - superstar.

So yes! I am currently working on recipes, 1 week will be bread, 1 week will be pizza and I am still trying to make a decision on the other two. Whilst looking after 2 hyperactive boys and trying to shrug off the pain of an infected and broken wisdom tooth!!!

What have you all got planned for the holidays?


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