Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Butlins Tuesday!

So where was I? Right, Butlins, Tuesday morning! After having woken everyone up, I made breakfast and we wolfed it down, excited for the day ahead. After the obligatory shot on the big deckchair, and picking up our tickets for "I Can Cook", we made our way to Splash Waterworld, which I have to say is one of the things we were most looking forward to. As always, it did not disappoint! The kids just love it there, and even hubby and I enjoy the Space Bowl and Master Blaster rides! We take it in turns to watch the kids while the other goes on the rides, so it all works out. The kids area is great, they go up and down the activity centre with all the water and the slides and they have so much fun! We spent a good couple of hours there before going back to the apartment to get showered and dressed and have a spot of lunch.
Then it was time for "I Can Cook"! I have to say we were all really excited about this as we love the TV show and in fact she was a big inspiration for me doing The Wooden Spoon, and plus we didn't get to see her last time as Katie was ill.
Well, she definitely didn't disappoint! Katie got the whole audience laughing and was great with the kids. Although Onur was sad that he didn't get picked to help, he really enjoyed the show and we all got to taste some yummy shortbread at the end! After the show Katie did a meet and greet, and Kaya ran up to her for a huge cuddle as if he'd known her for ages (which, if you think about it, he must think he has as she's on his TV every day!) and she was so lovely, and had a really cute baby bump!

After "I Can Cook", we headed over to the sports area so the kids could go to the Tots Soccer session. Last time we came in September, Kaya wasn't yet 2 so he was too small to join in; this time both the boys were the right age to play. As always, the coach was fab and the boys had lots of fun.

As it was lovely weather, and the kids were thirsty from all the running around, we decided to make the Beachcomber Inn beer garden our next destination. It was so lovely to sit and relax with a glass of wine for me and a beer for hubby as the kids played in the adventure playground. Even better was the random entertainment, when a guy dressed as a turkey came running past, saying "Act natural!" and hiding among the people, followed by a guy dressed as a chef on stilts who was looking for him - so funny!
The boys had yummy fruit juice cocktails in a cocktail shaker - we did want the Billy Bear ones, but the Beachcomber only had the Lazy Town ones. Basically you pay about £3 for the drink and shaker, then £2 to refill the shaker at any of the bars around the resort. The juices were very tasty:

After a lovely hour or two there, we headed over to the Skyline Pavilion for a photoshoot with Elmo, which the kids loved. Then we decided to head into Bognor for dinner, we'd been told there was a really nice fish and chip shop just opposite the pier, and it was indeed lovely. Fish and chips with a sea view, with ice cream on the beach after for the boys. Just perfect. Then back to Butlins and over to Centre Stage for Sesame Street Live, accompanied by popcorn, hot nuts and more drinks. Sesame Street was GREAT! I am still very sad they don't show it on English TV anymore but I show my boys Sesame Street all the time and indeed our favourite Christmas DVD is Elmo's Christmas Countdown, so they knew all the characters and really enjoyed the show, as did I, it being a blast from my own childhood!

And that was Tuesday! Off we trooped to the apartment, exhausted but happy!
I will have to do Wednesday next time as it's time to wake hubs up for work, poor thing has been working so hard this week!


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