Friday, 5 April 2013

First test for Wooden Spoon!

So I haven't written for a while, but I have been super mega busy!
Not only have a been doing proof-reading and translating for my old boss in Cyprus, but I have been creating my Facebook page for The Wooden Spoon Cooking Company and doing my first test!

Now I began by thinking "Well I could do classes of 10" - after doing our first test run, I would limit that to 6!
I had one of Onur's friends over, Francesca, and made pizza with Onur, Francesca and Kaya. Also present were Francesca's little brother Freddie and their mum Laura and a friend of mine Alev and her little boy Travis.
It was a little bit chaotic! BUT we did make the pizzas, the kids made their own dough with a little help, and did their own toppings. And they tasted good! It was a little difficult watching all three kids at once and I need Laura's help, but Kaya isn't actually 3 and that is going to be my minimum age I think - possibly 4 but we'll see how it goes with a few more tests.

These are the photos kindly taken by Laura on the day!

I just put two more taster sessions on my Facebook page, one for cookies and one for bread and both were fully booked within minutes! It's all getting very exciting! 


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